What is a beer blahg?

Beer Blahg is the product of a college student social media project, MY social media project, to be precise.  Over the period of four months, some 20+ students (myself included) are advised to generate stories and learn strategies to help leave a fingerprint on the blogosphere, and in our most ambitious minds, the world.  So, here is my story and my intention for this blog.

My name is Ashley.  I am a student at Colorado Mesa University, and I like beer.  Now, when I say I like beer I’m not talking about yellow colored water that tastes like carbonated urine (I won’t name names).  When I say I like beer I’m talking about mind charged, handcrafted, small batched, science based, independent, craft beers.

When you talk about craft beer there is a stigma commonly associated with this culture and especially the specimen of drinker, we call them beer snobs.  Along with that complex is an accommodating definitive jargon.  You’ll overhear beer snobs throwing out words like hoppy, bitter and malty, or discussing IBU’s and ABV percentages.  Being around these types can really make your beer drinking experience feel like that 112 foreign language class you took last semester.  Can somebody publish a craft beer dictionary already?  For now we have a glossary.

While I don’t pretend to fit the profile of a fluent craft beer genius, or snob as it were, I find myself encapsulated by the culture and wanting to be a part of it.  My curiosity about the culture drove me to the web where I researched Colorado household name craft breweries like New Belgium, Odell, and Breckenridge.  All front range breweries that turn out seasonal beers like the ‘Pumpkick‘ or special batches like the barrel aged brew series from Breckenridge Brewery.   My research had me wondering if local breweries are doing the same.  Well, they are and pretty well too.

So, why didn’t I know about all this?

Anytime I want to know anything about anything I hit the web.  I’m not dogging on our local breweries and their less than glamorous web presence, because they are doing a pretty good job of churning out some tasty liquid treats. But let’s be frank, I would not be mad if there was more digital buzz on local beer in the Grand Valley.

This is where my blog comes into play.  Any hobo with a few bucks can stroll down to their local brewpub, sip a craft beer, read the description, and talk like an expert.  My interest in the craft runs deeper.  I want more than just a flavor and an opinion, I want knowledge and background from the minds behind the beer, from the people who talk about ABV percentages and actually know what they are saying.  My sole purpose for this blog is to do the internal research behind the local flavors you love.  I want to drink and appreciate local craft beer, but I also want to get to know the beer scientists who made my favorite beer.  I want to hear where their inspiration comes from.  I want to see the process of creation my favorite pale ale undergoes.  I want to feel like I am in a relationship with my craft beer so the next time I put one to my lips, it’s a brand new sensation, an experience.

Stick with me kids, this is going to be a fun learning adventure.


3 responses to “What is a beer blahg?

  1. Slainte Ashley. I am glad to read of your plans. The beer culture in the Valley and beyond is ever growing and your support will only improve that. I want you to consider joining the FB group I manage called Grand Valley Beer Geeks (www.facebook.com/groups/GVBeerGeeks/). The goal of the group is to both facilitate and promote beer culture here in the Valley and I would love your input.

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